Flugwerk and a sneak peak at Cleopatra

Today was quite a day, starting out with my first time flying!  Which is not as easy as it is supposed to look.  It's quite physically demanding, and of course a little scary...but I managed to go upside down and do a backflip on my first go, and now that I've gotten over the initial fear I'm really looking forward to more.

Then I took some time to practice trumpet since I will be tootin' away for Die Perlen der Cleopatra.  The theme of my morning was:  the days of stand-and-sing are long, LONG gone.  (Well, at least at the Komische Oper....)  Then I ran to my costume fitting, which was super exciting since the production is being made from scratch, which means I get a costume made just for me, and that suits my diva sensibilities just fine.  And I must say, so far it promises to be a sexy, fun, and touching show...also infused with some historical gravitas, given that this operetta was written and performed by Jews who were, shortly thereafter, persecuted during the war.  Given my own family history--which is something that's coming up a lot for me now that I'm living in Germany, and is something I will be trying to wrap my head around for a long time to come--the project feels quite meaningful, and I feel privileged to be a part of it.   Here are some sneak peeks of the costume:

Talya Lieberman